eM Cube Career Oppourtunities


Career Opportunities

Open Positions at eM Cube

Positions for full time employee and contractors are available on demands. Please contact our HR manager by email or phone call.

(1) Sales Engineers (2) R&D Staff (3) Engineering Staff (4) Consultant
(5) Production Staff (6) New Graduate (7) Dispatched  
(1) 5 years experiences
(2) 3 years experiences (Particle Beam, Nuclear Power, Medical Treatment)
(3) 3 years experiences
(4) 10 years experiences
(5) 3 years experiences
(6) 2012 Graduand
(7) Positions for Sales, Engineers, General Affairs, Finance and Secretaries are qualified by our HR managers on request.
Work Location
Tokyo Headquarters, East Japan Operations, West Japan Operations
Salary by the eM Cube company standard
Full coverage of Social Assurances and Commutations
Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, 5 Summer holidays, 3 Year end and new years holidays, another company set holiday
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