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Distributed Accleratorof(DISAC) Explorer Program



eM Cube provide a feasibility study service for customers who are considering to adopt DISAC for their applied applications. eM Cube carefully go through whether DISAC can be a solution for the applied application on financial and technical.
After reviewing the requirement specification get from customers of Power or Healthcare, eM Cube report the basic design document of proposed system with detailed research result. It will reduce risks of a chance of failure of implementation of DISAC.

Program Contents


eM Cube, system integrator and end-use customer discuss and develope a requirement specification first. Then eM Cube perform a feasibility study, design and propose the DISAC fulfill the rquirements.

After reviewing the proposal in technically and financially at the customer and if find the value of DISAC solution, eM Cube go through the next level detailed design for the system construction.


《 Major Requirement Specification Items required for design 》
・Type of ion to accelerate
・Maximum acceleration energy
・Maximum acceleration average current
・Scope of feasibility study (may include irradiator, turbine, generator, inspection machine, others...)


《 Items eM Cube include in proposal 》
・Accelerator construction specification (performance, dimension, weight, consumption energy, others...)
・Peripherals construction specification (if in the requirements)
・Math simulation of charged particle orbit performance validation by five-point difference approximation
・Pricing (Initial construction cost, estimated operation/maintenance cost and heating/lighting cost)
・Delivery schedule, terms and conditions

Practical Cases


Here are three cases of DISAC Explorer.
Delivery, cost, terms and conditions are all vary according to the customer requirement specification and cases below are examples for each applications.

Case 1 : DISAC for General Industries
Case 2 : Proton/Heavy Ion Acceleration DISAC
Case 3 : High Power High Energy Proton Acceleration DISAC
Case 4 : Proton Cancer Treatment System Acceletion DISAC



Accelerator is not an inexpensive equipment and it is an important process that to examin feasibility, cost of investment and return, cost of operation prior to make decision of its constraction. It is also important for eM Cube to know opportunities for our business plan to schedule R&D and HR staffing to reduce business risks and it should be returned as the benefits for customers.


We highly recommend the customers to take DISAC Explorer Program executed prior to make final decision.

【DISAC Explorer Program Contact Information】

 Email : info@emcube.co.jp

 Phone : 03-6868-7247