eM Cube Corporation is an accelerator supplier for general, power and healthcare industries. eM Cube's Distributed Acceleartor(DISAC) is a high energy, high performance, high efficiency, compact, lightweight and cost effective solution.

eM Cube Corporation with professional staff provide products and services for automation supplying software, computers, electric distribution & controls, machine tools, vehicles, vessels and other components required for projects.



  • Maki Engineering
  • Kanto L-Engineering
  • Innova
  • 株式会社アルゴシステム
  • Kepware Technologies
  • WellinTech
  • Marathon Technologies
  • Allied Solutions

What's New


eM Cube made a distributor agreement with ALGO System regarding ALGO's products selling worldwide

ALGO's Produts:Flat Panel PCs、Flat Touch Panels、Industrial PCs, EtherCAT I/Os、Single Board PLCs, Field Network I/Os

[2011/12/28] KingSCADA is selected by a major electric company for the GAS Alarming and Control System
[2011/12/27] KingSCADA is selected by major semiconductor plant for HMI/SCADA
[2011/12/01] eM-SCADA reblanded to KingSCADA worldwide
[2011/11/11] eM Cube and Kanto L-Engineering closed a software product distribution partnership agreement regarding eM-SCADA/KingSCADA products
[2011/10/01] eM Cube and Kanto L-Engineering have started discussing about the strategic business partnership
[2011/10/01] eM Cube will participate in the System Control Fair 2011(Nov 16-18) at the booth of our development/business partner WellinTech
[2011/10/01] eM-SCADA is officially specified and applied by Japan major semiconductor company and now up and running at the first plant as GAS Monitoring and Alarm Management System
[2011/09/08] eM Cube participated in the Marathon Technologies' everRun MX Launch at Tokyo American Club
[2011/06/13] eM Cube participated in the OMRON Partner Conference and presented eM-SCADA Japanese version 3.1
[2011/06/01] eM Cube transferred its "Distributed Accelerator" related business to Quan Japan Company Limited due to the 311 Japan Tohoku Earthquake. Please contact Quan Japan for any inquiries for DISAC
[2011/05/25] eM Cube released eM-SCADA Japanese version 3.1

eM Cube is now selected to exhibit "Distributed Accelerator" technologies at the 44th JAIF(JAPAN ATOMIC INDUSTRIAL FORUM) Annual Conference Exhibition to be held on April 13-14, 2011

(It has been cancelled by the 311 Japan Tohoku Earthquake)

[2011/01/18] eM Cube released eM-SCADA Japanese version 3.0
[2011/01/18] eM Cube released KingSCADA Japanese version of WellinTech focused on the projects for China required GB Standard

eM Cube obtained a permission from Tokyo Metroporitan Governer regarding "Business Innovation Plan"

Certification (22産労商支 No.734)


eM Cube signed an agreement with Wellintech for a strategic partnership of working on the next gen high tech SCADA Systems Business in Beijing. China Press Release

[2010/12/14] eM Cube presented "Energy Saving Distributed Accelerator for Neutron Source" technologies at AAA's conference in Tokyo
[2010/11/01] Compact Transportable Liniar Accelerator DLE120 Series are available from eM Cube
[2010/10/01] 64 bit Windows API adopted SCADA Package Software is now available from eM Cube (3D Graphics SCADA)
[2010/09/27] eM Cube visited High Energy Accelerator Research Institute(KEK), had a discussion with Digital Accelerator Team members and confirmed that both technologies of KEK and eM Cube are completely different
[2010/08/31] eM Cube started accepting order of Distributed Accelerator(DISAC)
[2010/08/01] Distributed Accelerator(DISAC) Explorer Program Launch
[2010/07/20] Software products from Longwatch are now available
[2010/06/25] eM Cube website renewal project completed.
[2010/05/25] "eM Cube Distributed Accelerator" Press Conference was held at Ginza Nikko Hotel.
[2010/04/26] eM Cube applied for a patent regarding an eM Cube Distributed Accelerator.( Distributed Accelerator )
[2010/03/19] eM Cube signed Distributor Agreement of General Electric Company.( GE Intelligent Platforms )
[2010/02/01] eM Cube completed relocation to New Headquarters for business expansion within Minato-ku, Tokyo.
[2010/01/14] eM Cube 2010 New Year Partner Gathering was held at Ginza Nikko Hotel.
[2009/12/25] everRun software products from Marathon Technologies are now available from eM Cube Corporation.
[2009/11/28] eM Cube attended System Control Fair 2009 in Tokyo Big Sight, November 25 - 28, 2009.
[2009/11/13] eM Cube and Maki Engineering made an exclusive distributor agreement of eX-Prove products and eM Cube has started selling/supporting eX-Prove as a master distributor.
[2009/11/13] eM Cube has completed setting up of selling FA Controllers and Components from Mitsubishi Electric.
[2009/11/13] eM Cube has completed setting up of selling FA Controllers and Components from OMRON.
[2009/10/30] eM Cube and Kepware Technologies made a distributor agreement of Kepware products for Japan market.