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eM Cube Products & Services Information

eM Cube is a total solution provider for automation.

Distributed Accelerator(DISAC)Explorer
eM Cube provide a feasibility study service for customers who are considering to adopt DISAC for their applied applications. eM Cube carefully go through whether DISAC can be a solution for the applied application on financial and technical.
After reviewing the requirement specification get from customers of Power or Healthcare, eM Cube report the basic design document of proposed system with detailed research result. It will reduce risks of a chance of failure of implementation of DISAC.
DLE120 Series Neutron Source
DLE120 Series is a transportable linear accelerator from eM Cube.

Software & Services
eM Cube provides total system for factories and offices with our experiences of ecological solutions. Software packages, components,
controls and equipment required for the solution are bundled with our solution package. eM Cube provides custom solutions of software and controls with industry standards if standard package required is not in the market.
eM Cube also provides document translation, software localization services with our professional staff on request. eM Cube can dispatch contractors for projects on demands.
Components, Controls and Equipment
General purpose controls, electrical distribution and controls,
personal computers, host computers, PLC, control panels, machine tools, Vehicles, vessels for projects are available from eM Cube.
BIPV Panels
Our BIPV(Building Integrated Photovoltanics) Panels give an innovation to the existing limited on rooftop solutions for solar power generation. Our solutions with BIPV give a mega watts solar power generation at a limited space with a small building or convention centers or large houses. Even with a house, 10 kWh can be made at a minimumn installation.
Business Support and Consulting Services
eM Cube provide business and project management services.
Our professional staff assists you to make business contract,
negotiation on business issues, provide solutions for issues with your clients.