Industry Accelerator: NTD(Neutron Transmutation Doping) Silicon Irradiator


Irradiate the proton accelerated upto 500MeV by DISAC to the metallic uranium target. And then irradiate the bulk nuetron generated by the spallation nuclear reaction to the silicon ingot to produce the high quality NTD silicon.

<<Schematic view of NTD Silicon Irradiator>>

・Safe and cost effective NTD silicon manufacturing system without using the nuclear  reactors
・Multiple settable neutron source enable to have a flat neutron flux and can have stable  and high quality NTD silicon by uniform irradiation.
・Uniform irradiation makes cost reduction of semiconductor production of even the 12" or  large silicons

・To make the neutron flux flat, multiple neutron source can be set arround the silicon  ingot
・HEBT configuration can be flexible such as to have 4 neutron sources or 6 neutron  source for irradiation


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