eM Cube SCADA Package Software

DISAC(Distributed Accelerator) for General Industries

Compact, Lightweight, Low Cost, 100x MeV High Energy, Full Digital Control Accelerator

eM Cube has released the DISAC(Distributed Accelerator) for general industries multi-purpose use. It is a high energy accelerator having 100x MeV level energy ion beam at low cost and can be adopted those applications where the traditional accelerators couldn't fit due to their high cost of construction and operations. DISCA can accelerate ions such as Boron(B), Phosphorous(P), Arsenic(As), Carbon(C), Nitrogen(N), Oxygen(O), Fluorine(F) to 100x MeV and can switch ion type within a single irradiation by pulse. eM Cube is focusing to expand accelerator market in the general industries specially semiconductor industry as an implantation technology supplier.


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