eM Cube Hydra

Pu On-site Nuclear Power Station (Code: HYDRA)


HYDRA is a steam turbine power station with a distributed accelerator driven subcritical reactor.

Scope of HYDRA
  • With less power transmission losses and its size in small, HYDRA may build in back countries or islands as an on-site nuclear power station.
  • With no CO2 emissions during power generation and its feature of load follow tracking control, HYDRA may replace thermal power stations.
  • With its size in small, HYDRA may put on marine/submarine vessels as a nuclear engine.

Item Specification
Equipment Fuel Plutonium 239
Rated Output 12,800kW
Thermal Efficiency Thermal Output 38,300kW
Power Output 13,200kW
Accelerator Power Consumption 410kW
Overall Efficiency(Power Generation Edge) 33.4%
Fuel Consumption 7,540kWh/g

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